Paul’s Itinerary

Yesterday, I took the last final of my first year at Indiana University School of Medicine – Lafayette: On the Campus of Purdue University (yes that is the actual name of my school).  I came back, put my books on the shelf, and packed my bag for today.  After a celebratory night, I woke up slightly hung-over this morning, drove to Chicago, took the train in, and got on a flight to Managua, Nicaragua. I’ve been on the road 16 hours, but will be getting into Managua shortly.

I meet my bestie and travel partner Cameron tomorrow for 5 days traveling to Granada and Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua.  We meet Kelsi and Cameron’s girlfriend Brittany in Nicoya, Costa Rica on Sunday for a week of relaxing on the beach (hopefully with some surfing as well).  Then, everyone else flies back and I head to Xela, Guatemala for a month long medical Spanish program.  It’s been a long year at school and it liberating to get back on the road.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to find internet enough to share my travels.


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