Checking In – P

The CamPaul team reunited today and completed the first leg of the Central American journey.  I woke up and had breakfast before meeting up Cameron at the Managua Airport.  And then the Managua adventure began.  Or more accurately the adventure not to get robbed or taken advantage of.


One of the rare times I felt comfortable taking out my camera in Managua

We took a cab into Mercado Central to take the locals’ bus to Granada.  And upon arriving, we were recognized for the high rollers we are, Americans.  In the 20 minutes we waited for the bus, we were assaulted with all manner of trinkets, food, drinks, and aggressive beggars without an offer for the only thing we wanted… coffee.  As the bus pulled out of Managua, people were constantly jumping on to sell something and then jumping back off.  As the old school bus pulled in to Granada an hour later, we were glad to step off and enjoy the laid back side of Nicaraguan culture.


Hostel search in Granada

It took a couple hours and a lot of walking to find the Oasis hostel.  We grabbed a couple well deserved cold beers before heading back out to explore the town.  Granada is an old colonial town on Lake Nicaragua. The narrow streets are bordered by old, but brilliantly colored building.  And every few blocks is a beautiful colonial church.  What struck me most, was the pace of life.  Almost everyone we saw was at work.  But, almost no one was working.

I feel like the great paradox of Nicaraguan, or maybe central American culture is that everyone is in a hurry, but very few people have anywhere to go.



Cameron and I wandered through the town and decided to grab a beer by the lake.  We stopped into a bar/ hotel/ restaurant before running away from the prostitute, bar tender, and card player who wanted us to buy more than a beer.  We wandered back to the hostel and went out with a few of our new friends for dinner before a relatively early night with Tona beer and Flor de Cana Rum.  Tomorrow we’re up to explore the city before taking the slow boat to Isla de Ometepe.  Catch you on the flip side.



2 thoughts on “Checking In – P

  1. Love it! Have fun!! Good luck in staying away from those triple-dutied bartenders, LOL!

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