Kelsi’s Itinerary

Paul updated y’all on his and Cameron’s itinerary the other day, so I decided to update you on my own.

Tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 6:00 am, I fly out of Dallas/Fort Worth to Fort Lauderdale. Coincidentally, and quite luckily, Cameron’s girlfriend, Brittany, and I are on the same flight from Fort Lauderdale to San Jose, Costa Rica. There, my aunt Kim, who lives in Costa Rica, will pick us up and drive us to the other side of the country to Nosara. Along the way, we’ll meet the CamPaul team in Nicoya at a predetermined cafe. We haven’t heard from them in a couple of days, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they make it to the cafe.

From there, we spend about a week in Nosara, Costa Rica before heading to San Jose for a day where Brittany, Cameron, and I all go back to the U.S. of A. and Paul continues to Guatemala for a month.

A little about Nosara: As I said, my Aunt, Uncle, and their 3 children live there. Its a smaller town and, while there are plenty of tourists, it has yet to be overrun with major resorts, all-inclusives, and conveniences like street lights. This will be my third trip to Nosara and every time I go, I’m awed by the simplicity of life. Some of the simplicity is due to the lack of availability, but that also ensures that choosing where to eat dinner is an immediate decision rather than a choice to be pondered over in hopes that you make the correct decision.

View from Samara Beach

As the sun descends into the ocean at the end of the day, the town migrates to the beach. Beer in hand, they sit and watch the beauty of the sunset or enjoy the silhouettes of surfers catching their last few waves of the day. The kids call the Pacific Ocean their backyard and meeting spot. Everytime I come back to the states, I miss the serenity of gathering on the beach to watch the sunset.

Things I’m most excited about: Lizano salsa, fresh tropical fruit, Costa Rican coffee, surfing, sunsets, yoga at some world-famous yoga instates, and monkeys. Perhaps most importantly finally getting to spend some with Paul and introducing him to my favorite Costa Rican family.

Sunset on Nosara Beach


Question: Brittany and I clearly need a nickname to rival the CamPaul name. Suggestions?


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