From the Bumpy, Curvy, Costa Rican Road

I’m writing this during a bumpy ride through Costa Rica in an unnamed Costa Rican automobile.  The roads are filled with blind curves, one lane bridges, and crazy drivers.  It’s ironic that everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere, but no one ever seems to be busy when they get there.  We’re headed to Arenal National Park to a hot spring fed by a volcano.

We left Nosara this morning after 5 seemingly short days in the beach town.  After a busy day on Tuesday, we relaxed that morning, made a couple pots of coffee, had a big breakfast, and then walked around the town.  We went to the beach to just read, lay out, and play in the waves.  We went back to the pool to wash off before Brit and Cam went zip-lining with our condo neighbors from Jersey. They had  a blast with the guides and with a view over the canopy.


Kelsi shredding

Kelsi and I decided to go horseback riding instead of ziplining.   However, the people who ran the horseback were out of town and the ATV tour had already left.  We substituted by shredding the gnar for a couple hours before meeting up with Cam and Brit at Playa Palada to watch

the sunset.  We had a backpack with rum and jugo de fruita mexcla, made drinks, walked around the tide pools and watched the sunset before walking along the beach and getting drinks at Harbor Reef.  We ordered dinner which came out right on Latin American time (an hour and a half after we ordered).

The next morning Cam and Brit went surfing.  Kelsi and I got up and got ready to meet them.  We got our stuff ready and realized that we had left our keys at Aunt Kim’s.  We were locked in and then as if on cue, our water stopped running.  However, we did have a jug of orange juice and a bottle of vodka.  We made a big breakfast and waited to be rescued by Cam and Brit.


Playa Garza

We got out and made big plans to go fishing out of playa Garza.  We packed a cooler with beer and went to meet our guide.  Unfortunately, the boat had broken down so we weren’t able to go out.  We had a cooler full of beer and we were on an amazing beach.  Uncle Dain dropped us off at the beach in front of an abandoned hotel and told us he’d pick us up in 3 hours. He left a machete, which came in handy to harvest the coconuts and use them to mix with rum.  We enjoyed the beach, had hermit crab races, and explored the dilapidated hotel.  Not a bad substitute for fishing.


Beach bar

We met Kim, Dain, and the kids for dinner at Café de Paris for a farewell dinner.  Brit was feeling a bit under the weather, but Kelsi and I decided to check out the scene at reggae night at Olga’s.  The crowd was pretty dead, but we sat on the beach for a while and watched the lightening before turning in for the night.


  Lake Arenal Sunset

We woke up early for a final surf session before packing up and hitting the Costa Rican road.  We caught this picture of the sunset over Lake Arenal on the way to la Fortuna.  More after a hot springs soak and a waterfall hike.



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