Indiana: What I’m Most Looking Forward To

While I’ll miss Texas terribly, and as much as my thoughts constantly turn to what I’ll miss about Texas, and I couldn’t even list them all (I mean, I already left out small-town rodeos, cowboys, bar-b-que, massive weddings, the riverwalk, and all things Austin), I am drawn to think about what I’ll look forward to in Indiana. Symmetry, right?

Admittedly, the list of things I’ll love about Indiana is colored by Paul and his family and friends. It also is a much shorter list that my Texas list (which I made myself stop at 10) but I’m sure my list of things I love about Indianapolis will grow the longer I’m there.

1. Fall Colors. We don’t really have seasons in Texas. We have warm, hot, and hot as all get-out. So I’m looking forward to seeing the colors change and wandering around small counties with Paul when they do. Speaking of seasons, not having 110+ degree weather will be kind of nice.

2. Covered bridges. I think they’re beautiful, and rustic, and remind me, for some reason, of an early-American farming-utopia.

3. Thrifting. Yes, sure there is decent thrifting in Texas, I’m sure, but I haven’t had much luck at a Goodwill here since I was obsessed with old Little League shirts in high school. And, trust me, those are easy to come by. I’ve had great luck in Indiana. Again, this is probably colored by the fact that Paul loves a good thrift store and his sisters and friends are also quite keen on the hobby.

4. New experiences. I guess this is obvious. But I am looking forward to the new adventure. Moving, getting to know a place, and being a part of it. I think its fun to learn a new city or town. I like figuring out the best grocery store, which gym I like most, what the fun outdoor activities are, and making new friends. Always have. Probably always will.

5. Living with Paul. Yeah, I know, its obvious. When we started dating, we were working for the same whitewater rafting company in Montana and most employees lived in the same dorm. There was plenty of togetherness. Privacy? No so much. But togetherness all the time. Living in separate states and times zones took some getting used to and we’ve happily made it work. Its time to be closer though. Enough Skype, more real contact. It will be a challenge of sorts, to combine our lives more fluidly into Paul’s one-bedroom apartment. But its one we’re both ready for.


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