Wedding DIY-Fabric Flowers

Maybe telling you about my wedding DIY is lame, but it is something that has been keeping me busy lately. My goal was to get everything done so I could settle in to bar studying without the nagging feeling that I should be working on other things. Mission accomplished.

I decided to use little chalkboards to have signs to label aspects of the wedding for the guests, but I wanted to spruce them up a little so they looked cohesive and added a little something to the overall decor. So I decided fabric flowers would be a good way to add color and a vintage feel.

I followed this tutorial to guide me through making the rolled flowers. Tips I learned along the way: Pause to let the glue dry occasionally; Thicker fabric is an easier way to create a bigger flower than a longer strip of fabric; Get used to glue-y fingers.

First, cut a strip of fabric. Remember that the thickness will affect the thickness. My strip was about an inch thick.

Fold in half and glue together that the end with a little bit of fabric glue.

Apply a small line of fabric glue along the length of the folded in half fabric.



Begin rolling inward, tightly.

After you’re completed a few rolls, begin twisting the fabric away from the center as you wrap it around the tight middle.

Glue fingers!

Apply glue every so often to ensure the rolls are fastened to each other.

Keep twisting and wrapping until only about an inch or two of fabric remains at the end. (Sorry, I forgot to finish taking pics of the yellow gingham, so the rest or of a lavender rosette. Oops!)

Apply glue to the back of the rosette and glue the remaining strip of fabric to the back of the rosette.

Then hot glue the rosette to anything you like. Headbands, clips, bobby pins, or chalkboards. : )

Completed chalkboards


One thought on “Wedding DIY-Fabric Flowers

  1. Thanks for a great tutorial on how these are made. I really like the shades of yellow and blue that you put together… very pretty.

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