Moving Scenes

It’s been a busy week around here. Moving, showing my parents around, studying, more moving, unpacking, taking stuff to storage, visiting Paul’s parents, and all that jazz. Whew! We’re ready to throw in the towel, sleep until noon, then make a massive brunch and have cocktails before noon. Totally normal.

Here are a few scenes from the week.

We went on a morning run so Paul could show me around my new town.


Paul’s family has a tradition of eating pizza and drinking champagne upon moving into a new place. When I helped him move, we ordered out and ate on the floor. This time we made pizza, gluten free for me, regular with extra cheese for Paul.


I’ve learned Paul prefers to work without a shirt on. I’v also learned he’s really good at rearranging furniture and cooking for me while I study. God bless him.

A friendly greeting.


After my parents helped Paul and I unload my stuff, we walked around town a bit and had lunch before they hit the road back to Texas. Incredibly grateful for their help moving.


So grateful in fact, that their picture was the first I put up. Plus, I already missed them.


Paul greeted me with excellent moving gifts: a subscription to Texas Monthly magazine and the Homesick Texan Cookbook.


He also did all of my grocery shopping so that I could study and came back with flowers. This guy…seriously?!


We made a visit to Paul’s hometown so that I could have an interview required by the state Bar association. While we were there we helped prep the yard for Paul’s brother’s wedding next weekend. So freaking excited.

Busy, but wonderful week. Full of joy. Full of gratitude. Just so full.


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