Harold T. Wilkins, Or How to Wait for a Very Long Time- Fanfarlo

Over the weekend, Paul told me that he was anxious to listen to a little Fanfarlo soon. The band has been one of Paul’s favorites for awhile. We got a chance to see them at a tiny SXSW venue last spring and they put on one of our favorite shows of the festival. Paul apparently played the band’s music nonstop for about a month in college, which, anyone who knows Paul can tell you, he tends to do when he gets hooked on a band. It becomes so repetitive that those who are around him often have to avoid him to be able to maintain their appreciation of the music.

Over the weekend we went down to Paul’s family’s house for his brother’s wedding. I loved meeting the whole clan of Paul’s relatives. I also left with a taste of how and where Paul developed his passion for music: on Saturday afternoon, before the wedding, his mom’s side of the family came over to sit under a tree and play music; his mom gave a toast and mentioned his dad’s love of music; you can rest assured that any time the family gathers in the kitchen; one of the 5 siblings will have connected an iPod to a dock in the kitchen, providing a soundtrack for the conversation; and at one point in the weekend, I heard Paul’s mom joyfully singing through her chores. In total, it provides for a warm, open, joyful family atmosphere.

Fanfarlo at SXSW

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