My life lately has pretty much looked like the above scene from “How I Met Your Mother.” Yes, random singing included.

It’s pretty dull.

I’m taking the Indiana Bar Exam in two weeks and it will determine whether I’m admitted to practice law in the state. Kind of a big deal.

Please excuse my recent absence. Studying has my full attention.

Paul, in the meantime, has been doing last minute wedding plans, honeymoon planning, working, and generally taking care of me while I study (including cleaning, cooking, laundry, and tending to the apartment garden. He’s kinda great).

The bar is a 2 day exam and as soon as its over, Paul and I plan on celebrating with a few friends, packing our bags, then beginning the drive to Montana the next day. 10 days later, we’ll be getting married! Thanks for your patience.

Expect a few random posts from Paul in the next couple of weeks, but, again, please excuse our absence. We’ll be sure to fully update you on our upcoming adventures of road trips, Montana, wedding, and honeymoon in Iceland!


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