Fun Music

Music can be serious.  It can be complicated.  It can ask complex questions.  It can be dark.  It can be sad.  It can be innumerable things that evoke the strongest of human emotions.  But often, in this complexity we fail to recognize that music can be fun.

Its summer.  Which means of all times, its time to listen to music that makes you want to dance.  Music that makes you smile.  Music that is fun.  So here is some fun music.  Try not to smile and dance.

Kishi Bashi performed with bands like of Montreal and Regina Spektor before releasing an EP in 2011 and his first album 151a this year.  The hole album is light and fun.  I music critic said in 6 months this song will be on commercials making you want to buy new shiny things.  But until then, enjoy it for what it is.

The only thing I know about Icona Pop is that they are Sweden.  Enough for me.

The Very Best is a duo.  Its a Somalian and a Canadian.  The guest singer in this song, from their upcoming album MTMTMK is the Somalian artist K’Naan.



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