Where It All Began

We just got into Northfield, Minnesota on the first leg of our road trip out to Gardiner, Montana to get hitched.  It’s where we met and started dating.  And on the drive back last summer we decided to get married.


Kelsi finished day two of the Indiana Bar exam on Wednesday.  It was eight hours a day of hand written essays or multiple choice.  Due warning for any prospective lawyers.  Need less to say, she needed some pretty drastic therapy.  We started with the famous St. Elmo’s shrimp cocktail (we both loved it and HIGHLY recommend it if you ever get the chance…especially if you really like horseradish) and some wine, had some retail therapy, and went to dinner with some friends in Indianapolis, and then headed back to Lafayette to pack for Montana.

We woke up this morning, packed and closed up our apartment.  In keeping with tradition, we piled into a packed Jetta, and hit the road. When we left Montana last summer, the Jetta was full to the brim and had stuffed strapped on top. Whoever was riding shotgun had to crawl over my kayak paddle and snowboard just to get out of the car. We’re not quite as packed this trip, but Kelsi is worried about how smushed her wedding dress is in the back of the car.


My sisters go to college in Northfield, at rival colleges, and Kelsi had never been to Minnesota so we were looking forward to the drive. It was much prettier than Kelsi had anticipated and she couldn’t stop commenting on how cute every little thing was in Northfield. We enjoyed dinner overlooking the river downtown and had a couple of drinks before walking around Carlton College campus at night, then promptly hitting the hay. The next morning, it was coffee at a local coffee shop, gluten free baked goods from my sister, and a walk around St. Olaf College before hitting the road again.

North Dakota nothing

Today is a little more weary than yesterday and deciding to drive through North Dakota probably didn’t help.  Neither of us had ever ever been to North Dakota and since we decided to get married while during through South Dakota on our way to Indiana from Montana last summer, we thought it was best not to jinx things by taking the same road on the way to Montana to get married this summer.

North Dakota, as you may not be surprised is pretty dull and unpopulated. But it did give us time for a good philosophy discussion and helped us appreciate the views we did get. We’re expecting to make Red Lodge, Montana tonight, where we’ll camp for the evening. Tomorrow is one of the 100 most beautiful drives in the world: the Beartooth Highway. We should be in Gardiner, MT early tomorrow afternoon and can’t wait to see everyone.



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