Whale Watching in Husavik

The first morning in Husavik, we got to sleep in and have skyr and coffee on our porch before gearing up for whale watching. We got to town, booked our 1:30 tour, then found some fish and chips for lunch while we waited. The fish and chips were awesome, super crispy, and a huge serving for the price. After we ate, we grabbed a couple of beers at a harbor café, Café Skull, and watched the boats come in.


White-Beaked Dolphins

We had high hopes for whale-watching and I was anxious to see some puffins since their breeding islands are in the bay. Puffins were a success, whales, not as much. We did see some white-beaked dolphins (okay, a LOT of dolphins), and some harbor porpoises, but eventually we became very disappointed in the lack of mega whales. Hot chocolate and cinnamon buns provided on board were only a small condolence. After whale-watching we explored the harbor a bit and grabbed some ice cream, but as soon as we saw that the Americans were playing basketball we were on a single-minded mission for beer and a t.v. Unable to find a t.v. at a bar, we decided to stop at the grocery store in hopes of making some food at our cabin, then drink our own beer and watch the game on our couch.

Sweet jackets for whale watching


Pre-whale watching drinks

It was a relaxing break from being tourists, but we soon realized that our rushed grocery trip left much to be desired for dinner. I mean, Paul just can’t eat cheese and chase it with a hamburger bun….have some class! ; )  So we went back to town to have a dinner at Gamil Bakkur and a couple of shots of Brennivin, the Icelandic schnapps. The soup was great, the meal was excellent, and somehow the drinks were free. Win all around. Except the Brennivin, the liquorice flavor and thick liquor just don’t do it for me. Paul  takes it fine, but that’s typical.


Midnight sun

Then it was back to our cabin, a bottle of wine, and much needed sleep. We got up the next morning in time to catch the breakfast provided by the cabins in the main house. The meal was the typical yogurt, cereals, meats, cheese, toast, and jams and the setting was sweet but the coffee was terrible. I blame the sulfur water.


After making more coffee in our cabin and reading a while on our porch, we were back on the road to head toward the northwest.


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