August Gratitude

Inspired by Today’s Letters blog, I thought it was time to express some gratitude. Leaving Montana after our wedding, my heart was so full of gratitude that it actually hurt with desperation to express it.

Newlywed bliss!

For our friends in Gardiner, MT who gave more than I knew any person could give; leading swing dance lessons, grilling for rehearsal dinner, helping store ice cream, find bar-b-que pits, vehicles, bands, and a rehearsal site. They opened their homes to our families, made our wedding cake (beautiful!), kept us calm, and fed our bellies, They sent cowboys for our rental chairs, set up tables, and got my bridal bouquet. They let us use the short bus for our limo and sent Paul on his dream bachelor party: a fly-fishing trip. They welcomed us back as though we were family coming home.

Montana celebration.

For our friends and family from home. They travelled across the country, by car, by plane, any way they could, to celebrate with us and then even gave up a day of vacation to help us set up and decorate. They made sure we had fun, they danced, they celebrated, they hugged, and they loved. They helped my mom back home as she packed and cooked and they helped me make invites, poms, and other DIY projects. They listened to our stressed out phone calls and they didn’t lie when they swore they’d help us.

Father Daughter Dance
My mom and a great friend helping out.

For our family who tirelessly planned, decorated, supported, and entertained. Paul’s parents cooked for rehearsal dinner and joined in the party spirit dressed in full-on cowboy attire. They perfected Paul’s signature wedding cocktail. They danced, they smiled, they loved wholeheartedly. My parents rigged a horse trailer to transport food frozen so my mom could precook dinner. They fried turkeys, cooked briskets, wrapped green beans, and even made Texas Roadhouse style butter. They cut logs for our cake display and packed up every Yellowstone antique they could find and hauled them to Montana. They picked flowers, made vases, and all the while upgraded our yard at home for our Texas reception. They loved no matter how frustrated we would become with each other, they hugged, they laughed, they hosted, and they had fun.

The hometown Texas celebration

For our friends who couldn’t join us in Montana. They sent their love, their support, their encouragement from afar. They helped my mom back home. They celebrated with us in Texas. They prayed for us, sent well-wishes, and celebrated when they could. They sent cards and helped others find there way to Montana.

Beautiful cake made by a friend.

As I was looking back at wedding photos, my heart ached because it was so full of gratitude for the people who were there. For Montana and the person it is continually helping me become. For lessons on giving. My heart was, and still is, so so full

*I hope to continue posting gratitude posts. I swear they won’t always be this long. Grateful for your reading.


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