Climbing Date Day

Being married to a med student, I’m learning to appreciate even the little amounts of time we can spend together with the books closed. Thankfully, Paul and I have committed to at least daily dinners together and he usually puts the books away a little before he hits the sack to watch a tv show on Netflix or read with me for awhile. Before we got married, we committed to doing a weekly date night; lately that has meant 2 episodes of Breaking Bad instead of one and a drink during dinner. Lame.

But last week, we decided it was time to start making date night a bigger deal (PLEASE!). There was really nowhere to go but up. So when we came across a Groupon for Climb Time Indy, we decided to buy it. For one, Paul loves to climb so I knew it would be a sure fire way to get him out. For two, it was a fun way to have a little adventure in an otherwise ordinary life. You have to find the fun where you can.

So, on Friday afternoon, Paul, crazy Kora dog, and I headed to Indy for the date, in route to Paul’s parents’ house afterward. Climb Time was great. There were walls of all levels of difficulty and routes of varying difficulty within each wall. The also had a weight lifting gym, hang boards, and an awesome bouldering wall. The staff gave us a brief belay lesson on their equipment, which was top of the line. Then we got to climbing and had so much fun. Paul, of course, tried to work on his “skills” when he had the chance, but I just had fun trying some of the easier climbs since I’m really new to the sport.

As far as dates got, it was a great choice. Maybe not the traditional date, but Paul got to teach me about something he loved and we got to work through the routes together. So fun! Highly recommended. :)

We headed to Paul’s parents’ house after climbing to deal with some wedding gifts and have dinner with them. But not before getting our first pumpkin spice lattes of the season. The barista asked to give Kora her first Starbucks experience: whipped cream. She is officially spoiled rotten.

Happy weekend all around!






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