Wedding Recap-Rehearsal Dinner/Welcome Party

We haven’t really shared too much about our wedding yet, so we decided to fill you in. First: rehearsal dinner and the welcome party that followed.

We decided to go with a bar-b-que theme because we wanted it to be pretty laid back and tons of fun. We found great themed invites at this Etsy shop. We worked with the shop to customize the invites and they were super easy to work with. We’d use them again!


Next for location, entertainment, etc. We had decided to have a blue grass band for the wedding, but realized that a lot of our guests would need to learn how to western swing dance. Thankfully, we have a few friend who are excellent instructors so they offered to help lead a lesson at the researsal dinner. Seriously, we have the best friends! Dance lessons meant that for the location we needed something equally laid back with space for dancing. Arch Park in Gardiner got extra points for the Yellowstone theme, since the famous Roosevelt Arch stands overlooking the park, framing the mountains and the entrance to Yellowstone.

Photo curtesy of Stacie at Another friend we’re so thankful for!

For food, we, yet again, enlisted the help of our friends. Two of our friends from The Flying Pig helped grill the burgers & brauts while we were at the church for rehearsal. Paul’s parents made baked beans, got some potato chips, and sliced the watermelon. Another good friend in town, (I know! They just keep pulling though) ordered us some of our very favorite ice cream made just north Gardiner: Wilcoxson’s Grand Slam. Yummmm. : )

Good friends cooking. Photo by Stacie at

After dinner, we had toasts and dancing lessons. All of our friends who were invited to the wedding we also invited to this “welcome party.” Basically, dinner was for the wedding party, but dancing and drinks were for everyone to join in on. For this, we inclosed an invite along with our wedding invites so that everyone knew and we saved on the extra postage. It was a great way to welcome all 150 or so guests to Montana without the extra expense of feeding them all. As you can see, my note on gratitude was far from adequate. Our friends helped in any way they could. They made this possible:

Paul’s brother’s toast


Paul’s mom’s toast.


Family in their western best. : )


The famous Arch


Beautiful friends and family.




And of course, dancing.


For an awesome post, and the brilliant photog to took most of these check out Stars for Streetlights.








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