The Apartment Garden

This year, in the tiny little apartment we live in, Paul decided to plant a garden. Its a good idea. I wanted homegrown tomatoes, organic bell peppers (they’re so expensive in the store), and some fresh herbs. Paul wanted peppers. Not just one kind. Paul wanted as many as he could get. There are anaheim peppers, jalepeno peppers, serrano peppers, thai chili peppers, banana peppers, chili peppers, and probably a few I even forgot about. The kid likes peppers.

So we get to find random ways to use them all. We’re hoping to pickle banana peppers soon. We’ve made about a half gallon of salsa. We add some sort of peppery heat to everything we cook even if it doesn’t entirely belong.


The garden consists of some buckets and a few pots that sit on the back ledge of our apartment. I say “ledge” because it doesn’t have railing around it or even a door to get to it. Its simply a portion of the second floor concrete that extends beyond the walls of the apartment. In order to water the plants, Paul removes the window screen and climbs out the window, while my job is to fill the watering can so that he doesn’t have to keep climbing back inside. Teamwork at its best.

For the buckets, Paul got cheap buckets at Lowe’s and then drilled a hole in the bottom of them. He also picked up some plastic trays to set the buckets on. It was inventive and apart from the times that we’ve been gone this summer, its gone really well. Thank goodness for good friends who climb out the window to water them for us!

Here’s to our first gardening adventure!


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