Feast of the Hunter’s Moon


A couple of weekends ago, Paul and I went to the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon. The Feast is a fall celebration in Indiana. Its held at an old fort and celebrates the early pioneer days complete with reenactments and costumes. Its a little like a renaissance festival, but more historically accurate (and clearly a different time period).

We ate more food than our bellies could handle and every bit of it was delicious. People came from all over to demonstrate their trade. Its amazing how well people can do what they do with equipment they have made themselves. They cook in clay ovens, they carve bowls out of logs, they blacksmith tools and horse shoes, and can work magic with a dutch oven.

There were shows, comedians, music, and jugglers.

The Feast of the Hunter’s Moon is one of my new favorite things. We’re already looking forward to next year.

Happy fall, y’all! Its already starting well here!


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