Wedding Recap- Pom/Lantern centerpiece

Awhile back, I told you how to make these poms. I was fiercely laboring away to get them ready for the wedding. My idea was at first to have them scattered around to give some added character to the dancefloor/dining area at our wedding. But, the more I got the thinking, the more I wanted them to be grouped together because it would be more of a centerpiece and have added dramatic effect.

My best friend came to the rescue hanging all of the poms

Then, I came across a picture of Pinterest (of course) that showed some poms mixed with lanterns. I liked the added dimension and character of the two types of balls together and was also looking for a way to add some depth to the centerpiece.

I got the lanterns at The Knot for only $2.50 for a large one! Sweet. I had made the poms in various sizes and got both large and small lanterns so that we could work them in to one big centerpiece and fill in holes.

The dinner scene

I kept some light floral wire from when I made the poms and we used it to hang the lanterns as well. Its light enough to cut with scissors, but strong enough to hold the poms without a problem. Easy.

My dad’s toast.

Thanks to great friends helping out, I was pretty thrilled with the way it turned out. In fact, I think it turned out perfect for the space. It didn’t detract from the beauty of the mountains, but it made sure the space was decorated even after all the tables were moved off. : )

Photos courtesy of Stacie and EE Photography


One thought on “Wedding Recap- Pom/Lantern centerpiece

  1. Gorgeous wedding for a beautiful woman! I made my Dad and Klaus hang 50+ lanterns at our wedding venue, something I will NEVER live down :)

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