UPDATE. New adventures have begun here lately; I got a job!

I accepted an offer to work at a firm I really really like and started my job on Tuesday, after a nice long visit from my mom. Working brings new challenges to the life Paul and I are developing.

For example, we had to decide how to tackle cooking dinner now that we’re both busy. We decided to alternate cooking nights and to try to try more crockpot meals. Thankfully, we have plenty of leftovers so some nights a week will be no-cooking nights.

As far as this blog goes, we still enjoy it. Both as a way to share our lives and to connect with others. But, as last week showed, we may become more sporadic (it that was even possible!).

Paul’s schedule is still a little flexible, but he studies every chance he gets. So, he could work out during the day, but I have to squeeze in workouts in the evening or early in the morning. We decided to sign of for the gym that is literally across the street from my office. Its great because we’ve figured out we can meet each other there when I get off of work and work out together.

Tackling the cleaning schedule was another issue. We could set aside every weekend to windows, vacuuming, mopping floors, and scrubbing bathrooms. But, that means that we would fall behind if we went out of town for a weekend or had big plans. So we printed out a cleaning chart with one chore a day. It is supposed to take 15 minutes a day, but in this apartment, it MAY take 5.

This is a pretty boring list of things. But with both of us in a demanding time of our lives, living in a tiny apartment, and still getting used to living together and being married, we have a lot on our plates. We will be challenged to continue to make each other a priority. We’ve come across a few tips on marriage lately that we hope will help us develop good habits before having to fix bad ones.

For all of the worry that I wouldn’t find a job in a new place, I’m am continually blessed by the revelation that I never had to worry. It was taken care of long ago.

Let’s face it: we’re not in this alone. We are friends, allies, and supporters to others as they are to us. If you have tips or ideas for us, we’d love to hear them.

New adventures bring new challenges. Here we go!


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