“Metal” Letters – Pinterest Success Story

I may not be the best at developing my own DIY ideas, recipes, or even outfits. Sometimes I create something on my own and I really get it right. Usually, however, I follow someone else’s lead as best I can.

So, Paul and I want to start sharing our success stories. A outfit recreated, a DIY project gone right, or a meal that tasted great. We’ll add in our own tips to help as well (if they’re necessary). First up, “metal” letters, an Anthopologie knock.

Holly, over at Life as a Thrifter, turned cardboard letters into sweet looking home decor.

This was a super easy DIY. In fact, the hardest part was waiting for Hobby Lobby to get a cardboard letter “H.” I have no idea what was going on for like 3 weeks with that letter, but apparently everyone wanted it. Oh well. Once I got my letters, sandpaper, and spray paint, I was thrilled with how they turned out! Perfect for our rental since we can hang them with command strips!

Here’s mine!


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