Chicago Weekend

The best part of the community that we live in is that is a quick driving distance from Chicago or Indianapolis. Paul has family and lots of friends in Chicago so we took the opportunity to visit last weekend. It was my first real time in Chicago so Paul was anxious to show me all of his favorite places.

Including the Chicago Art Institute, Millennium Park, and the magnificent mile. We watched the Texas A&M football game with other Ags and I felt at home.

We ate pizza and went with a friend to the best restaurant we’ve ever been to, Ada Street, for a long meal and great cocktails.

Paul’s cousins and Aunts ran the Chicago Marathon to raise money for Misericordia and we cheered them on. It was a great whirlwind weekend of seeing Chicago. We’re anxious to go back…but maybe we’ll slow down a little this time.

The following pictures are entirely out of order. The truth is, they represent the way the weekend felt to me: all over the place. So I think I’ll just leave them this way, so as you look at them, you’ll gain a better feel of the trip. :)










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