Playing the Name Game – Finnian

I am a total sucker for a baby name story. I’ve had lists of baby names going since high school and I can spend hours browsing Nameberry, You Can’t Call It “It” (the website may be disabled, but you can browse the Facebook page), and Sancta Nomina.

My one and a half year old’s name, Finnian, is a little unusual, at least in America and we’re often asked how we came up with it.


When we originally started thinking of names, we found ourselves drawn to names reminiscent of saints and literature, but also I wanted something a little atypical. I was the only “Kelsi” I knew my age and my siblings are named “Corbin” and “Kirby” so when it comes to names, unusual is my usual. My dad and my brother also share the middle name “Doyle” and we wanted to use the name for our son’s middle name. Starting with a middle name felt a bit backwards, but it worked in the end!

I started browsing names and saint stories looking for a first name that would go with the middle name Doyle. and came across St. Finnian of Clonard. I thought he had a great story and really liked the Irish sound with Doyle. Paul and I also were really drawn to the literature connection of “Finn” in Huckleberry Finn and the connotation of the adventurous little boy on the river.


We are planners by nature and waiting to pick a name was not an option for us. We knew long before we laid eyes on Finn that he would be our “Finnian Doyle.” I worried that when I saw him, the name wouldn’t fit. Thankfully, the name fit on the day he was born and it continues to fit now. He’s a playful, adventurous little nugget!

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