Finn and I are enjoying my still unemployed state and heading to New Mexico with my mom. We haven’t hiked since we were in Spain, so I’m anxious to get Finn in the backpack and get out.

Finn – 1.5 years – He has been getting so much more talkative lately and much quicker to repeat a sound. Last week Paul said something and I responded, “Paul!!” Finn thought it was hysterical and has been saying “ball!” or “Paul!” (they sound the same out of his mouth) over and over again while he laughs. He’s discovered spinning in circles and getting dizzy is fun. All. Day. Long. Also, he’s eats like a hobbit, elevensies and all. Send supplies!

A recent conversation:

Me: Finn, are you cute?

Finn: {nods emphatically}

Me: You are?! Well, I love you. Do you love, mom?

Finn: HORSE!!

Me: …..

Finn: HORSE!!

Me: …..

Exploring – Thursday was free night at the Museum of Natural Science. We paid a little bit to get into the butterfly exhibit and it was well worth it. Finn ran around saying “BUH-FY! BUH-FY!” I think I was just as fascinated as Finn, but with better pronunciation.


Cooking – We made Turkey White Bean Enchiladas from this cookbook last week and they were excellent. As is everything we have made from that cookbook.

Drinking – We’ve been loving Bee’s Knees cocktails lately. But anything with St. Germain is delicious. Can’t stop.

Watching – Paul and I finally watched Frances Ha on Netflix. I had second hand embarrassment for Frances the whole movie. It was funny and smart and very well done.

Reading – I’ve been trying to finish Grapes of Wrath for awhile now. Like FOR-EV-ER. The prose is beautiful, but omgsh I feel like I may never finish.


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