DSC_0009Finn and I had a great week in Ruidoso with my mom. He’s getting pretty good at this roadtripping thing!

Finn – 1.5 years – He’s been rattling this “babbies” word non-stop and I could not figure out what he was saying. Until he say my dad, “Pappy” and said “BABBIES!” Umm…thanks for making the rest of us feel under-appreciated. He’s also really into all things trucks, cars, planes, busses, etc. We had driven my dad’s truck to Ruidoso and every time I said “Let’s go get in the car,” or “Time to load up the car,” Finn would correct me, “Twuck!” Not even two and already correcting his mom (insert side-eye emoji).

Exploring – All over Ruidoso! And Cloudcroft and Lincoln National Forest. We’re going back for Labor Day Weekend and I already can’t wait.

Ladybugs : )
Ladybugs : )

Cooking – Well, not much of anything. Mostly eating out and loving every second of it! But I just started some sourdough starter so thats something! I love homemade sourdough and its supposed to really healthy. Buuuut, considering this is kind of like growing something and my thumb is best described as black, my expectations are low.

DrinkingPonderosa Vineyard wine. Honestly, I usually don’t like lots of local wines because they’re too sweet but this was surprisingly good. My mom and her friends went through the vineyard a few weeks ago and picked up a few bottles. Shockingly, there was actually some left for me when we got to New Mexico!

WatchingBloodline on Netflix. We’re only a few episodes in. By some amazing grace, Paul didn’t even watch without me while I was gone last week. Its super dark, but I’m really into it. It had me as soon as Coach Taylor appeared. Now, where is Tammy?

Reading – I FINALLY finished Grapes of Wrath. I was awesome. I’m now diving into some spiritual reading in Consoling the Heart of Jesus. Its supposed to be read like a mini-retreat, but I haven’t done it that way and its still been really great. I totally recommend it.


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