Becoming quite the little picture - looker ; )
Becoming quite the little picture – looker ; )

Finn – 1.5 years – Starting to really play pretend making car sounds when he drives his toy cars and even lining up the dining room chairs like a train and saying “choo choo!” I can barely take a picture of him anymore without him immediately running at me and trying to take the phone or camera to get a look at the screen. Kids these days.

My mom has a raised mole on her neck that Finn fiddles with and says “mole. mole.” So he has started to touch his nipples and say “mole. mole” and refuses to stop no matter how much I correct him. The other day I was sitting at my desk when he came up to me saying “Mama. Mole. MA-MAAA. Mole. Mole. MOLE!”  I said “ok, where is the mole, Finn?” He ran up to our sweet dog, Kora, and pointed to her nipples saying “mole. mole. mole.”

……mmmmkay?? With that anatomy knowledge, lets just all hope he doesn’t follow in his dad’s surgical shoes.

Exploring – We found our new go-to donut spot in town. So that counts, right?

CookingSummer Skillet Gnocchi. We made this for guests and everyone enjoyed it. Get that sweet corn while you can! Also, update from last week’s sourdough starter attempt: I failed. Womp wommmmp. But I will try again!

DrinkingHomemade kombucha. My friend gave me a scoby a couple of weeks ago and my first batch turned out great. I used tart cherry juice for the second ferment and I’m loving it.

Watching – Wayyyyy to much Bachelor in Paradise and getting too involved the Joe/Samantha drama because I’m mature like that. I don’t trust either of them and Joe has quite the temper. Unattractive. And Juellia and Mike?! Didn’t see that coming, but whatevs. What do you think?

Reading – I found a copy of Where the Wild Things Are at TJ Maxx. It quickly became of of Finn’s favorites and he requests it often. Which is great because we need something besides Goodnight Gorilla. Its been Finn’s favorite for awhile now, very much to mine and Paul’s chagrin.


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