Indiana – What I’m Missing

Remember wayyyyyy back when when I was all emotional over leaving my beloved Texas and moving to Indiana? And I told you all the things that I was looking forward to about Indiana and what I’d miss about Texas?

Welllllll, now that I’m back in Texas and missing Indiana, I thought I’d look back and see what may have changed; what I ended up loving and miss about Indiana.

  1. Fall Colors. Seriously?! Its not even fall yet and I’m missing even the idea of it. Crisp mornings, pretty colors. *sigh* Thankfully, Paul’s brother is getting married to this lovely lady, so we get to back in September. IMG_2829
  2. Small Indiana towns. Indiana does small towns very well. Every town has a perfect downtown and great adorable bungalows.
  3. Germanfest. Our church’s big fundraiser and one of the biggest festivals in town. There was awesome food and dirndls and lederhosen and German dancing and the local brewery made a special brew for the occasion.

    Decked out for Germanfest
    Decked out for Germanfest
  4. My people. Like nothing else, I miss the community we had in Indiana. I’m so glad we had Finn while I was there because I learned so much about being a wife, and a mom, and a wife while a mom. Good people, great parties, lots of joy.
  5. Small town life. In Indiana, we lived in West Lafayette, home of Purdue University. I worked just across the river in Lafayette and most of our friends were there. But, West Lafayette was tiny. During the school year, we had access to cool concerts and plays because of the University. But, in the summer, when the college kids were gone, we would walk to campus to go to our coffee shop and favorite used bookstore and everything was wonderfully empty. I’m not a big city girl and West Lafayette became home very easily. IMG_3857

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