An Easy Way to be the Best Wedding Guest

We’re getting ready for Paul’s brother wedding in Indiana and weddings are just on my mind. After our wedding, Paul noted that he had a friend who made sure his drink never got empty. Considering it can be next to impossible at your own wedding to migrate from one point at a wedding to the bar without finding another guest who you haven’t spoken to or getting distracted by something, getting a drink can be a challenge! Therefore, a gratuitous refill is so appreciated.

After noticing how nice it was to never worry about having an empty drink, Paul decided to make that a sort of “gift” to all other couples at weddings he attends.

Whenever he get a chance, Paul just quickly asks the couple what they would like to drink without unduly interrupting their current conversation. Then, throughout the night, Paul just steals a quick glance at the couple to see the status of their drinks. If they need a drink or are nearly time for a refill, he makes a quick run to the bar then kindly switches the couple’s drink.

After weddings, brides and grooms have commented to me how nice it was to never have to worry about their drink! Its almost easier when just one person takes the drink refill task as their own so the couple never has to mention what their having to anyone else. Paul saves the day, the couple has one less thing to worry about, and everyone gets to visit with the couple more : )


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