Weekend Links

via http://kvtes.tumblr.com/

Its the freakin’ weekend and its 3 days! Paul is working (boo) but Finn and I will be back in New Mexico. We’re left with my sister yesterday and should be there by midday today. This time, my aunt and three cousins who live in Costa Rica will be there as well as my uncle, aunt, and two cousins who live in California. PLUS my mom’s parents, another aunt, her daughter-in-law and granddaughter, and another uncle and aunt. Whew. Its going to be a full house and all sorts madness fun!

This is would be a cool guy’s gift if he’s into beer.

-Way back when, Paul spent 3 weeks rafting through the Grand Canyon. His favorite stop was Havasu Falls and this makes me want to go too.

-Finn’s room is kind of outdoorsy and I’m thinking something like this (without the other bed until need-be ;)) could be mixed for the transition to a big kid room.

Thousands of Icelanders are offering their homes to Syrian refugees. Awe-inspiring.

If toddlers texted. I may prefer this to the grunt/scream.

-I want to live in these Guatemalan Woven Sandals.

This wrap gives me baby fever.

-We’ve been listening to this song NONSTOP. Thank you, Lord Huron.


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