My Favorite Wedding Day Advice

A couple of weeks ago, I shared one easy way to be the very best wedding guest and today I’m passing along a secret for your wedding day.

The summer we got married, 3 of Paul’s cousins also got married. It was the summer of love! Before our wedding, a cousin mentioned some advice he had had relayed to him. He said it was the best thing he did on his wedding day.

The tip to the Groom: Steal the bride away at some point during the reception. Just for 5 minutes or so, but try to hide from everyone else and have a moment for yourselves. If possible, try to go somewhere where you can watch everyone having fun and take it all in.

Paul’s cousin told him that sure, he’d seen his wife plenty that day, and he knew he’d have the night with her, but there was something very special about a moment with her during the hullabaloo of the reception.

Sure enough, at our reception, Paul pulled me aside. He had drinks for both of us and had scoped out a spot on the hill behind our outdoor reception site. We sat in the dark and no one saw us. For just a few minutes, we sat together and watched our guests sing along with the band and swing dance. We admired the joy on everyone’s faces while we held each other close and talked about the day.

Even now, as I think back on the day, those few minutes top my favorite moments of the day.


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