Pappy and Finn. My Grandpa and my cousin Ruby are looking on from the fence : )
Pappy and Finn. My Grandpa and my cousin Ruby are looking on from the fence : )

Finn – 1.75 years – Finn has been scared of horses for most of his short life. Like, legs squeeze around my body so tightly that I could probably have let go and he would have stayed there like a monkey. And that was when we were just walking towards the barn. But we got closer and closer every time we visited my parents and he got more and more comfortable. A couple of weeks ago, he wanted to feed them hay which gave me a heart attack, but I didn’t want him to pick up on that. So I taught him how to lay his hand very flat so the horse could eat and he did great. After that, he was smitten. He kept saying “Ride! Ride!” and, of course, “Pappy’s!” every time he saw even a picture of a horse. In Ruidoso, there were pony rides for kids so we bought him a ticket to ride.

And then he would NOT get on the horse. Legs wrapped around me again and there was no hope. So we watched cousin Ruby ride and tried to talk it up.

But sure enough he refused AGAIN. Fine. I got my money back, bought some fry bread, and called it a day.

But then my dad {Pappy} showed up. He grabbed Finn, walked straight to the horses while I frantically promised the ticket vendor that we would be paying {!!!} and put Finn on the horse with no problems.

Fine. I get it. I’m not the favorite.

Finn BEAMED! The whole time he rode. And then he begged to ride again. So we did and then I walked with him. I thought we may never get him off the horse and my dad mentioned something about getting a horse for Finn so now he’s pretty much obligated, because obviously 1.75 year olds never forget anything. #jk

Exploring – We went back to Ruidoso with all of my mom’s side of the family. Lots of fun and lots of crazy. We went bear watching and hiking and introduced my younger cousins to all the other things we used to do as a kids in Ruidoso.

Cooking – Y’ALL! I made the No-Churn Mascarpone Soft Serve with Balsamic Vinegar that I mentioned on Friday. I was skeptical and I’m pretty sure that the first couple of bites, I was like ” omgsh I’m eating vinegar on my ice cream…” but then I got over it and it was SO good. And it just feels fancy!

Drinking – We made Foghorns this week which are a lot like Moscow Mules but with gin in place of rum. I personally, prefer a Moscow Mule, but if you aren’t a rum drinker, this is the ticket for you.

Watching – College Football games. Specifically Aggie games. Its my favorite time of year! I also watched “If I Stay” on Netflix. Its leaving this month, so catch it if you can. If not, I’d recommend renting some other way. Its a little “Fault in Our Stars”-y and hits the spot if you need a cry.

ReadingThe Two Towers: Part II of the Lord of the Rings. I may be a nerd, but I love it : )


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