Camino de Santiago – Day 6

From the end of May through mid June, Paul, Finn and I walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain. This is part of the recap of that trip. Find more here

Estella to Los Arcos would be a 21.4 km day with no major climbs so we were hoping for a relatively uneventful walk. BUT BUT BUT….there was a wine fountain on the way!!!


We slept in just a little because we wanted to make sure Finn was well rested after having been sick and because he didn’t sleep so well the night before. We performed our morning routine of packing and loading up and then stopped for coffee before we left Estella. True to Estella form, Finn was given a sucker and milk from the kind staff of the coffee shop and Paul and I were even more convinced it was time to go before Finn got too spoiled.

Finn woke up without a fever and feeling pretty chipper so we figured the best thing we could do was just to get walking. There was no sense in waiting around all day just in case Finn’s teeth started to bother him and there were plenty of places to stop along the way if they did (or Finn and I could catch a cab to the next town ; )).

We met up with some pilgrim friends from Italy and Australia as we left town and made it to the Irache wine fountain by about 8:30 a.m. But, hey, its 5:00 somewhere and I am certainly not one to pass up free wine. FREE WINE! It was actually a little early for a stop, but our legs had just warmed up so it wasn’t too difficult to get going again. I debated staying all day, but I decided against being a lush : ) Traditionally, pilgrims would fill their conch shells with water so we opted to share in the tradition with our wine. Everyone had a few sips, took lots and lots of photos, and headed out together.



Friends from Italy
Sweet Australian friend

The rest of the day was really pretty uneventful. Uneventful in a good way. Finn wasn’t sick, no on was throwing up, and we got to walk and take it all in. Finn was tired so he slept plenty while Paul and I got to know fellow pilgrims a little better and had plenty of quiet time to pray alone. Part of the routine we’d settled into really involved some quiet time while Finn slept. After hours of talking to him or talking to other people or talking to each other, it was nice to spread out a little and think on our own. It was a beautiful walk and we often turned to look back at the wind turbines near the Hill of Forgiveness to mark the distance we had walked. We passed lovely countryside and ancient castles. But, to tell you the truth, I have very few photos of this day because I was just busy walking, talking, and taking it all in. And sometimes, that’s exactly how it should be.


It was actually pretty early when we made it into Los Arcos. Paul and I looked at the guidebook and decided it would be nice to make the next town. Some of our friends were doing the same and it looked to be only a little over 3km away. The next day was scheduled to be over 29km so shaving a little off of that seemed like a great idea. But, about 1km out of town, we found a sign saying the next town was over 6km away and we weren’t about to tackle another 6km that day without a longer rest break. So we walked back to Los Arcos to debate staying over a beer. Well, as you can imagine, some sitting and beer drinking left us a bit tired so we scratched the plan to walk on and started looking for a room. Oops…?



It took Paul a little while to find a place and he began getting more and more frustrated. He was tired and walking around the city while I sat in the square with friends and Finn was not exactly his favorite thing to do. When he finally found us a place, he promptly let me know that we would be reserving rooms ahead from now on. Fine by me!

We spent most of the evening in the small town square. The church was beautiful, but beyond that, there wasn’t much to see. Finn loved watching the big church bells ring and chasing birds around. We visited and ate dinner and while we ate, the waitress scooped up Finn and carried him around the square and the restaurant and even back in the kitchen to say hello : ) Seriously, the Spanish people love babies. She sent us home with 2 suckers for him and he got more from the store. Apparently, it wasn’t just Estella that was going to spoil Finn.

Adoring fans from France
Adoring fans from France


We called it a night early and got ready for a really big walk the next day!


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