Weekend Links

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WEEKEND!! Thank goodness. We still don’t have a full weekend at home and Paul works nights all weekend so it’ll be busy, but good. On Saturday, we’re heading to a fishing tournament to benefit a scholarship fund set up in memory of my former fiance who passed away 6 years ago (that’s another post for another day : )). My brother is fishing and Paul, Finn, and I should be there in time for the weigh in. What are your weekend plans?

Blue Apron has wine pairing now! I’ve tried Blue Apron before and while its not something I would do every week, it is nice when things get busy. And with wine?! Sign me up.

-The remains of the woman who went missing on the Camino were recently found. Its good to finally get some answers.

-I’m all about jumpsuits right now and this one is great.

Keeping you relationship strong after the honeymoon period ends.

-“The phone cruelly reduces even the worthiest of escapes to one more bit of busywork.” A powerful essay on mothering in the age of iPhones and some issues I hadn’t thought of.

-I need to get sewing again, and when I do, I love this swing dress. Its labeled maternity but I think swing dresses can be maternity or non very easily.


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