Finn – 23 months – He’s a smart aleck lately! A conversation:

Me: “Finn, can you say forklift?”

Finn: “Yessss”

Me: ………

Me: “Finn, say forklift, please.”

Finn: “truck”

Me: ……..

Evidently, he’s also a liar.

Exploring – We went to a ranch concert near where I manage a store an hour and a half away and the countryside was beautiful! I love the sprawling river oak trees and Texas sunsets.

Cooking –  I’ve made this Corn Salad with Blue Cheese and Avocado a couple of times for guests. Everyone raves about it and its almost embarrassingly easy.

Drinking – Have you tried “Not Your Father’s Root Beer“? It tastes just like regular root beer but its alcoholic!! Its deceptively easy to drink. Careful, you won’t realize you’re drinking alcohol! I suggest a root beer float : )

Watching – I can’t believe I haven’t shared this one…I think I was keeping it as my little secret. But you should definitely be watching “Gran Hotel.” You’ll have to read subtitles but I absolutely guarantee they’ll be worth it. I’m addicted.

Reading – I started reading “The Story of a Soul,” St. Therese of Lisieux’s autobiography. She’s such an inspiring Saint who looked for the way for little souls to serve God. She looked for the smallest things in every day that she could offer to God. She’s also my confirmation Saint so I have a particular love for her.


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