Finn – 23 months – He’s defiant and pushing boundaries and a full-on almost 2 year old.  He’s clearly in need of more friends because I’ve been having to wash the toy trucks that must take baths with him, brush their teeth, and pretend diaper them. Thankfully, the toy trucks don’t actually poop.

Exploring – umm…we went garage and estate sale shopping this weekend? That kind of counts. It was a bad garage sale day with Tropical Depression Patricia (I think it was still a tropical depression when we got it) pouring down on us. And we did some shopping at the Galleria with my mom and sister. So many stores! Its actually overwhelming.

Cooking – Paul makes a delicious chili with venison that he hunted and butchered himself. Its finally chili weather in Texas and it hit the spot : )


Watching – Aggie Football break my heart. I feel like at this point in the year, I should start expecting it. But it still hurts.

Reading – Oh gosh. No new novels for me. but Finn loved Eric Carle’s Brown Bear forever. It was one of the very first books he sat still for and he still loves it. I picked up the box set when it was on sale on Zulily a few weeks ago and he’s loved all three. And somehow I don’t get sick of them either!


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