Finn – 23 months – He’s defiant and pushing boundaries and a full-on almost 2 year old.  He’s clearly in need of more friends because I’ve been having to wash the toy trucks that must take baths with him, brush their teeth, and pretend diaper them. Thankfully, the toy trucks don’t actually poop.

Exploring – umm…we went garage and estate sale shopping this weekend? That kind of counts. It was a bad garage sale day with Tropical Depression Patricia (I think it was still a tropical depression when we got it) pouring down on us. And we did some shopping at the Galleria with my mom and sister. So many stores! Its actually overwhelming.

Cooking – Paul makes a delicious chili with venison that he hunted and butchered himself. Its finally chili weather in Texas and it hit the spot : )


Watching – Aggie Football break my heart. I feel like at this point in the year, I should start expecting it. But it still hurts.

Reading – Oh gosh. No new novels for me. but Finn loved Eric Carle’s Brown Bear forever. It was one of the very first books he sat still for and he still loves it. I picked up the box set when it was on sale on Zulily a few weeks ago and he’s loved all three. And somehow I don’t get sick of them either!


Weekend Links

FRIDAYYYY! This weekend should be pretty laid back around here. We’ll be watching the A&M v. Alabama game on Saturday, obviously. #gigem. Then I’ll be attending a fundraiser and concert in the area of our store, so it’ll be a little driving but a lot of fun.

-This pizza looks amazing.

-A $2 photo turns out to be worth $5 million.

These little felt Saint dolls are the cutest! I think I’ll have to get Finn a  St. Finnian of Clonard : )

-I’m giving up on making a headboard. Mostly because I found this beautiful embroidered fabric for curtains, so the room started to feel too full of fabric and I wanted wood or iron. Paul and I are loving this one.

-Speaking of design, these black rooms feel so sleek and moody.

-This DIY Necklace looks easy enough.


IMG_440210 weeks left this year!?! How did that happen already?

Finn – 23 months – Finn is putting 2 words together at a time, mostly by telling everything “bye.” “Bye Truck.” “Bye Horse.” “Bye Water.” Ev-er-y-thing. Really, his vocabulary is picking up in general, so that’s fun. He’s still pretending he has a microphone, singing, and dancing all the time. Now I just need to teach him to take a bow!

Exploring – Paul was off on Friday so he requested the Rothko Chapel. Its just a quiet place to stare at Rothko art, meditate, etc. Its not my favorite Rothko art, but its neat to have a space dedicated to JUST sitting and staring at Rothko. After, we went to some resale shops and then to West Alabama Ice House to watch the Astros game. Such a cool/chill place to hang out!

Cooking – We used a trial coupon for Hello Fresh and every single meal has been good. I’ve just had to cut the parsley to keep Paul appeased. : )

Drinking – For the Feast of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we made a Mother’s Milk cocktail. It was a little like a White Russian, but with gin. So good!! Again, I highly recommend “Drinking with the Saints!”

Watching – All kinds of stuff. But, I’ll throw you for a loop and give you a “listening” instead. Have you listened to the podcast “Limetown?” Its a fictional investigative report told as though the investigative reporter is researching the story in real time. The basic concept is very good and the story will keep you interested. The only downfall, and I hate to say this one, is just the narrator’s voice. Its a little breathy and can be hard for me to listen to and doesn’t come across quite as realistic as some of the actors. I HATE to critique a person on their voice because I hate the sound of my own voice! But its the only thing keeping me from being just totally into this podcast.

Reading – Oh gosh…work has been crazy and my reading is slacking off. But because I’m driving to and from work, I’ve been listening to audiobooks (and podcasts. See above). “All the Light we Cannot See” is excellent. I’m a sucker for a WWII story and the premise of this one is a little different. Its so intriguing and keeps me well awake on long drives!

Weekend Links

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WEEKEND!! Thank goodness. We still don’t have a full weekend at home and Paul works nights all weekend so it’ll be busy, but good. On Saturday, we’re heading to a fishing tournament to benefit a scholarship fund set up in memory of my former fiance who passed away 6 years ago (that’s another post for another day : )). My brother is fishing and Paul, Finn, and I should be there in time for the weigh in. What are your weekend plans?

Blue Apron has wine pairing now! I’ve tried Blue Apron before and while its not something I would do every week, it is nice when things get busy. And with wine?! Sign me up.

-The remains of the woman who went missing on the Camino were recently found. Its good to finally get some answers.

-I’m all about jumpsuits right now and this one is great.

Keeping you relationship strong after the honeymoon period ends.

-“The phone cruelly reduces even the worthiest of escapes to one more bit of busywork.” A powerful essay on mothering in the age of iPhones and some issues I hadn’t thought of.

-I need to get sewing again, and when I do, I love this swing dress. Its labeled maternity but I think swing dresses can be maternity or non very easily.

Family Photos


When we were in Indiana a couple of weeks ago, my lovely sister-in-law offered to take some family photos for us. She’s a wonderful photographer so I jumped at the offer. I thought I’d share a few with you!

Paul and I never took engagement photos so its extra nice to have a shot of us
Paul and I never took engagement photos so its extra nice to have a shot of us

IMG_0589 (1)





Isn’t my sister-in-law the best?! I feel like I’m so rarely in a photo with Finn that I cherish these more than I ever expected to cherish a photograph.


Picking Basil on the farm
Picking Basil on the farm

Finn – 1.75 years – Finn has never been a t.v watcher, often to my chagrin. It would be nice if I can get him to sit still for just a little bit so that I can get something done. BUT, for some reason, I put Artistocats on a couple of weeks ago and now he asks for it constantly. Climbs up on the couch in the morning and says “meow meow!” He’s picking up new words constantly and after the D.J. at my brother-in-law’s wedding last week let him play with a microphone, he loves to put his hand up to his mouth like its a microphone and sing into it. Looks like I’ll have lots of entertainment to watch!

Exploring – We honestly haven’t been anywhere new in a while. Work and life obligations have taken over. But we got away to a friend’s ranch last weekend and it was awesome. The ranch includes an old town of which nothing remains but the hotel and a couple of houses. The hotel is an awesome old hotel with a great fireplace and porches and old bar. We had an awesome time.

CookingBBQ Chicken Flatbreads by How Sweet Eats. Paul loved them, Finn loved them. How could anyone not love them? Its a good go-to recipe.

Drinking – Rosemary Bourbon Maple Sours from the Shake cocktail book. I can’t get enough of these. They were the signature cocktails at my brother-in-law’s wedding and so freakin’ good. Its probably a good thing they weren’t pouring those all night!

Watching – FALL TV IS BACK! Ever since Hulu, I never watch at night while the shows are on, but because I can watching them all online, my watch list is growing. Scream Queens looks silly and fun. I can’t give up on Grey’s Anatomy because I’m way too far in for that. How to Get Away With Murder is nothing like law school, but I can’t stop watching anyway. Paul and I watch Last Man on Earth and The Mindy Project together (you can still watch on Hulu!). What’s your new favorite fall show?

Reading – Still keepin’ on reading Lord of the Rings, but my mom got Finn “What Was I Scared Of?” by Dr. Suess for the Halloween season so we’ve been reading that at night. And Paul has been introducing Finn to some of his favorite childhood books like “Sylvester and the Magic Pebble.” Y’all….its so weird. But kind of cute. Basically, Sylvester finds a magic pebble and then sees a lion. He’s so flustered that rather than wishing the lion turn into a butterfly or something, he wishes he was a rock so the lion wouldn’t be interested. Then he has to figure out to be a donkey again. Like I said, kind of weird. Very Paul : )


Pappy and Finn. My Grandpa and my cousin Ruby are looking on from the fence : )
Pappy and Finn. My Grandpa and my cousin Ruby are looking on from the fence : )

Finn – 1.75 years – Finn has been scared of horses for most of his short life. Like, legs squeeze around my body so tightly that I could probably have let go and he would have stayed there like a monkey. And that was when we were just walking towards the barn. But we got closer and closer every time we visited my parents and he got more and more comfortable. A couple of weeks ago, he wanted to feed them hay which gave me a heart attack, but I didn’t want him to pick up on that. So I taught him how to lay his hand very flat so the horse could eat and he did great. After that, he was smitten. He kept saying “Ride! Ride!” and, of course, “Pappy’s!” every time he saw even a picture of a horse. In Ruidoso, there were pony rides for kids so we bought him a ticket to ride.

And then he would NOT get on the horse. Legs wrapped around me again and there was no hope. So we watched cousin Ruby ride and tried to talk it up.

But sure enough he refused AGAIN. Fine. I got my money back, bought some fry bread, and called it a day.

But then my dad {Pappy} showed up. He grabbed Finn, walked straight to the horses while I frantically promised the ticket vendor that we would be paying {!!!} and put Finn on the horse with no problems.

Fine. I get it. I’m not the favorite.

Finn BEAMED! The whole time he rode. And then he begged to ride again. So we did and then I walked with him. I thought we may never get him off the horse and my dad mentioned something about getting a horse for Finn so now he’s pretty much obligated, because obviously 1.75 year olds never forget anything. #jk

Exploring – We went back to Ruidoso with all of my mom’s side of the family. Lots of fun and lots of crazy. We went bear watching and hiking and introduced my younger cousins to all the other things we used to do as a kids in Ruidoso.

Cooking – Y’ALL! I made the No-Churn Mascarpone Soft Serve with Balsamic Vinegar that I mentioned on Friday. I was skeptical and I’m pretty sure that the first couple of bites, I was like ” omgsh I’m eating vinegar on my ice cream…” but then I got over it and it was SO good. And it just feels fancy!

Drinking – We made Foghorns this week which are a lot like Moscow Mules but with gin in place of rum. I personally, prefer a Moscow Mule, but if you aren’t a rum drinker, this is the ticket for you.

Watching – College Football games. Specifically Aggie games. Its my favorite time of year! I also watched “If I Stay” on Netflix. Its leaving this month, so catch it if you can. If not, I’d recommend renting some other way. Its a little “Fault in Our Stars”-y and hits the spot if you need a cry.

ReadingThe Two Towers: Part II of the Lord of the Rings. I may be a nerd, but I love it : )