Finn – 23 months – He’s a smart aleck lately! A conversation:

Me: “Finn, can you say forklift?”

Finn: “Yessss”

Me: ………

Me: “Finn, say forklift, please.”

Finn: “truck”

Me: ……..

Evidently, he’s also a liar.

Exploring – We went to a ranch concert near where I manage a store an hour and a half away and the countryside was beautiful! I love the sprawling river oak trees and Texas sunsets.

Cooking –  I’ve made this Corn Salad with Blue Cheese and Avocado a couple of times for guests. Everyone raves about it and its almost embarrassingly easy.

Drinking – Have you tried “Not Your Father’s Root Beer“? It tastes just like regular root beer but its alcoholic!! Its deceptively easy to drink. Careful, you won’t realize you’re drinking alcohol! I suggest a root beer float : )

Watching – I can’t believe I haven’t shared this one…I think I was keeping it as my little secret. But you should definitely be watching “Gran Hotel.” You’ll have to read subtitles but I absolutely guarantee they’ll be worth it. I’m addicted.

Reading – I started reading “The Story of a Soul,” St. Therese of Lisieux’s autobiography. She’s such an inspiring Saint who looked for the way for little souls to serve God. She looked for the smallest things in every day that she could offer to God. She’s also my confirmation Saint so I have a particular love for her.



IMG_440210 weeks left this year!?! How did that happen already?

Finn – 23 months – Finn is putting 2 words together at a time, mostly by telling everything “bye.” “Bye Truck.” “Bye Horse.” “Bye Water.” Ev-er-y-thing. Really, his vocabulary is picking up in general, so that’s fun. He’s still pretending he has a microphone, singing, and dancing all the time. Now I just need to teach him to take a bow!

Exploring – Paul was off on Friday so he requested the Rothko Chapel. Its just a quiet place to stare at Rothko art, meditate, etc. Its not my favorite Rothko art, but its neat to have a space dedicated to JUST sitting and staring at Rothko. After, we went to some resale shops and then to West Alabama Ice House to watch the Astros game. Such a cool/chill place to hang out!

Cooking – We used a trial coupon for Hello Fresh and every single meal has been good. I’ve just had to cut the parsley to keep Paul appeased. : )

Drinking – For the Feast of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we made a Mother’s Milk cocktail. It was a little like a White Russian, but with gin. So good!! Again, I highly recommend “Drinking with the Saints!”

Watching – All kinds of stuff. But, I’ll throw you for a loop and give you a “listening” instead. Have you listened to the podcast “Limetown?” Its a fictional investigative report told as though the investigative reporter is researching the story in real time. The basic concept is very good and the story will keep you interested. The only downfall, and I hate to say this one, is just the narrator’s voice. Its a little breathy and can be hard for me to listen to and doesn’t come across quite as realistic as some of the actors. I HATE to critique a person on their voice because I hate the sound of my own voice! But its the only thing keeping me from being just totally into this podcast.

Reading – Oh gosh…work has been crazy and my reading is slacking off. But because I’m driving to and from work, I’ve been listening to audiobooks (and podcasts. See above). “All the Light we Cannot See” is excellent. I’m a sucker for a WWII story and the premise of this one is a little different. Its so intriguing and keeps me well awake on long drives!